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Kristy Kay

Hometown? Jackson

Nickname? Biscuits

Fav KGMO artists? Queen, Steve Miller Band, Ozzy, Creedencse Clearwater Revival, the
list could go on and on

Favorite movies? Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Horror Movies ( you name it i've seen it)

Favorite TV shows? The Walking Dead, Americas Got Talent,  Days of Our Lives, Big Bang
Theory, Simpson's.

Fav actor? Jim Carrey

Fav actress? Melissa McCarthy

Fav food? Cottage cheese

Fav drink? Coke Zero

Fav Quote? "Don't start nothing, won't be nothing!"-Will Smith(Men in Black)

Fav Sports Team? San Francisco 49ers

Song that describes you? Fat Bottom Girls-Queen

Fav place to hang out? Home

Why I got into radio? I got lucky :)

What I did before radio? Business and Computers Specialist Graduate

If I wasn't doing radio? I'd Do something in computers

Most prized possession? Family

What do you do in your spare time? Hang out with friends and family, go to the movies.


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